You really can't say you've been to Brazil, until you've been to Bahia! Salvador: the "Land of Happiness" - is a magical world all its own, and indeed one of Brazil's most privileged cities, with a luxurious tropical atmosphere, friendly people, and rich cultural heritage.

Founded in 1549 on the highest piece of land overlooking All Saints Bay, Salvador was Brazil's capital until 1763. It is a two-level city: the narrow strip of land along the waterfront is congested with commerce, and the upper city preserves more than 20,000 structures over 250 years old!

An impression of the colonial period can be gained through the elaborate churches, homes, and remains - such as Pelourinho (The Pillory), associated with the period of slavery in Bahia. Salvador's 76 churches present a great variety of style and architecture. Be sure to visit Bonfim Church - the most popular in the nation; and Sao Francisco Chapel - whose interior is literally covered with tons of gold!

Visit the colorful street markets, where you will find handmade ceramics, basketry, and woven goods; taste the spicy foods and the local fruit. The sun and sea breeze keep Salvador's average temperature at 80F, and along the 45 miles of coast there is a great choice of wide, peaceful beaches, surrounded by rich tropical vegetation. You'll be dazzled by the colorful street scene, and charmed by the friendly, easy-going people. Relax, have fun, and discover a whole new world!

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