Alter do Chão

The small village of Alter do Chão is approximately 30 Km from Santarém, and it was named for the nearby flat-topped hill. The charming community of small cottages lining white sandy beaches has plenty of leafy palm trees to complete the picture of tropical paradise and to remind you that you are surrounded by one of the richest and most bio-diverse jungle settings in the world.

As everywhere in the Amazon Region, predictable seasonal rains generate significant fluctuations in water flow volume and level. During the "low" season (July to February) divine white sandy beaches emerge along the banks of the Tapajós. When the rainy season begins in the highlands, water levels rise again and sweep them away again. While they are visible, local people and visitors alike love to enjoy their natural beauty. The clean, green and warm water offers an inviting respite from the heat and to take a regional boat for a river cruise exploration.

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