Rio Grande Rio Grande do Sul State

Sights of Rio Grande (3 hours)

Begin with a scenic drive through the downtown area of Rio Grande, past the heart of the city, where the majority of the most elegant and historical buildings are located. Established in 1737 by the Portuguese, Rio Grande is the only seaport of the Brazilian State and the most important trading center due to its strategic location.

Your first stop is a visit to Alfandega, the Customs House, a neo-classic style building built by the Emperor Dom Peter II in 1879. Stroll to the oldest Cathedral of the State, Cathedral Sao Pedro, constructed in Baroque style and erected by the Portuguese in 1775.

Continue to the Museum of Sacred Art at the Chapel of the St. Francisco, which holds several important pieces, some from the legacy left by the Jesuits and some from private collection acquired by the Government. Next, your guide will take you to the Praca Tamandare, where you will view several art sculptures.

Then visit the Oceanographic Museum and view its collection of rare and unusual species of invertebrates, fish and mollusks. As you make your way back to the pier, view the "Molhes da Barra, a rock and cement defense constructed at the beginning of the 20th century.

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