Santos São Paulo State

Santos Highlights (4 hours)

Discover the flavor of this pleasant holiday resort with its magnificent beaches and stunning views. In addition, Santos offers a busting town center as befits Brazil's most important port. Over 40% of all Brazilian imports and about half the total exports pass through it. Departing from the port a 20-minute drive takes you into city center. Begin your sightseeing with a panoramic drive and pass through the historic center to the Coffee Museum.

Visit this former palace, which was inaugurated in 1922 to celebrate 100 years of Brazilian independence. It was designated the Coffee Trade Palace or Palacio da Bolsa do Café. The architecture of the building is quite unique in São Paulo State including a 120-foot clock tower and four statues representing the Industry, Commerce, Production and Navigation. Wall paintings recall the history of Santos from its early times to the present. The building was totally restored in 1998 and since then houses the Coffee Museum.

Following, your drive procedd to the Museum of Santos Football Club. The history of the Santos Futebol Clube covers many chapters of glory and victories. It began to be written on April  14th, 1912, under the effervescent vigor of the coffee commerce, which had turned Santos Port into a doorway to the outside world. The range of its greatest can be measured by the admiration of audiences spread throughout the world, which in it self validates the title FIFA conferred upon it as "the best 20th Century Team on the American Continent".

Next, enter the cool, shady realm of the Botanical Gardens. Stroll among giant subtropical and tropical trees and stop to see the aviary with its macaws, toucans and parrots. The garden's main attraction is the Orchidarium with more than 100 specimens of these exotic blooms.

From here your drive takes you along Gonzaga beach, the curving stretch of white sand that is bordered by hotels and condominiums, appearing much like a resort on the French Riviera.

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