Shore Excursions

Paraty Rio de Janeiro State

Paraty Islands by Schooner (2.5 hours)

The tour offers you a cruise aboard a private schooner through the beautiful bay and along the “Green Coast”.

Come ashore via the ship’s tender or, if conditions permit, the schooner will come alongside to take you for a leisurely cruise among the many islands, such as Ilha Comprida, Praia Vermelha, and Ilha do Mantimento and past beautiful beaches.

There will be an opportunity to swim and snorkel as the boat anchors and you are able to go onto the Vermelha beach. Even for non-swimmers the beauty of the scenery – white sand beaches alternating with the green and blue waters of the ocean, fishing villages, beach resorts and greenery – makes this a most enjoyable outing. Seasoned fruits and Refreshments are included. The well-equipped boat has facilities and snorkel equipment is provided.

Upon your return, you can take the ships tender to the local wood pier to explore on your own the streets shops of Paraty.
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