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Salvador Bahia State

Introduction to Salvador (4 hours)

Discover the many faces of Salvador da Bahia during your excursion. Get a glimpse of the city's intriguing cultural mix of African and European heritage. During your tour you will get to see the historic part as well as the modern section of this fascinating city.

From the port in the Lower City proceed towards the Yacht Club. Its marine is dotted with sleek sailing boats and yachts of Salvador's wealthy residents. Attracted by the scenic coast, the Barra district is the favored haunt of the city's elite. At the entrance of the bay stands the fortress of San Antonio, built on the spot where Americo Vespucio landed in 1501. The forth was erected to protect the Portuguese colonists from Dutch invaders.

Proceed to the Praça Municipal in the historic center, where Brazil's best-preserved colonial architecture is located. Leave your coach at the square and proceed on a walk tour of this fascinating and colorful locale.

At the end of the recently renovated square stands the church of São Francisco. The opulent interior features cedar woodcarvings, covered in gold leaf that took 28 years to complete. Also note the beautiful white and blue tiled walls and the spectacular painted ceiling.

Facing Terreiro de Jesus Square is the cathedral. It was formerly the chapel of the largest Jesuit seminary outside Rome. The plain exterior masks one of the most beautiful churches in the city. The stunning interior includes a paneled ceiling of carved and glided wood which gives the church a light airy feel, contrasting sharply to the overwrought Rococo altar and side chapels.

A slight downhill walk will take you to Pelourinho one of the city's oldest squares. Formerly the site of the slave market, a pillory still marks the spot where slaves once were publicly punished. The square's appearance hasn't changed much since the 18th century. However many of the buildings lining the cobbled streets now house art galleries, jewelry and souvenir shops.

Next, follow your guide back to the coach. Your tour will continue with a sightseeing drive, passing by tree-lined streets that take you through the residential section and back to the pier.
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